Frequently asked questions - Rectron reseller portal

Rectron’s reseller portal keeps your business relevant and profitable by giving you access to thousands of solutions.

Rectron Resellers signing up:
  • Only registered & apporoved Resellers will gain access to the portal.
  • Access our easy to use, always on portal, where you can process orders, and manage your account.
  • Look out for online exclusive incentives & Promotions
  • Follow the easy to use click through process to update your registration details.
  • Approval process can take up to 48Hrs

Simple, Fast and available 24 x 7

Being a Rectron Reseller you gain access to thousands of our products
As soon as you have been approved you will have access to process your orders and have product information at your fingertips.
Adding items to your cart and checking out are simple. Below you can see just how easy this really is.
Getting details about the Rectron products available
Rectron only procure the best products and from the elite brands in the world. See the clip to show you more detials on how to process your orders and see details about the products we offer.

Manageing your business freely
Authorising and adding users onto your portal is 100% managed by you. Registration process still as per normal, with the final step in your users to gaining access, final approval from the online business owner. Same to go for shoudl users no longer need access, you will be able to remove their access to your cridentials.

Need help with some other aspects on the site

Using the Forgot password space
In this ever changing digital world keeping track of your passwords can we a task on its own. If you have lost or forgotten your log in cridentials we have got you covered. Watch the clip to see the process.
Missing What you need:
At Rectron any of our sales team members are there to help at any time.
Alternatively you can mail and we will refer back accordingly.